4-in-1 48W Self Powered Dock for iPhone, Apple Watch and Two USB

4-in-1 48W Self Powered Dock for iPhone, Apple Watch and Two USB
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    * High-Grade Brushed Aluminum
    * One AC Outlet Provides Power to Your iPhone, Apple Watch and Two USB Ports

    • Charge Four Devices with ONE-AC Outlet
    • Fast-Charging for iPhone/iPod with Lightening Pin, Apple Watch and Two USB Devices Simultaneously
    • Integrate Your Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable Neatly into the Unit
    • High-Grade Aluminum Stand to Match Your High-Quality Equipment
    The 4-in-1 Powerdock is the ultimate device for conveniently charging four devices simultaneously using only one AC plug. The Powerdock features 48Watts four ports that allow you to charge an iPhone, an Apple watch, and two USB devices all at the same time. The Powerdock with its high-grade brushed aluminum can power up to four devices from a single plug, freeing you from a rat’s nest of cables and power strips.

    This dock permits efficient use of little table space on nightstands and coffee tables, allowing the iPhone and the Apple Watch to simply rest on the dock. This device will transform the way you charge your devices, providing convenient charging of multiple devices while still allowing efficient use of minimal space and plugs.