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Bumper Repairing and Painting Stand

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  • Lifetime guaranteed frame
  • Long service life lowers operating costs
  • Safely handles the heaviest bumpers
  • Single bar top designed for open access to the back side of bumper covers
  • Better access means easier plastic repairs and a better finish inside grill and light openings.
  • Eliminates the costly problem of heat warping bumper covers during baking
  • Gas spring counterbalance for easy rotation of bumpers
  • Easy rotation means painters can see to paint all areas, eliminating dry spray and improving overall finish quality
  • Closed loop nesting base
  • Nesting feature saves floor space when not in use.
  • Hose will not get caught on base,
    reducing accidental damage to parts and people
  • Hard rubber swivel casters, 1-1/4" wide with brakes on four corners
  • Speeds up work by rolling smoothly over floor grates without getting stuck
  • Brakes prevent damage caused by unattended rolling stands
  • Horizontal and vertical adjustment
  • Adjustable to hold the largest automotive bumpers made
  • Adjusts for workers of different heights
  • Smooth ergonomic design
  • No sharp edges to cause injuries..
  • Effortless, fluid movement reduces strain on workers and helps increase production.

Bumper Thing Parts & Assembly Guide